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Unicorn make up revolution highlighter. Rainbow hues, sheen shimmer colour.
Makeup revolution unicorn highlighter, rainbow shimmer.
Unicorn rainbow highlighter, makeup revolution, shimmer, shine.
Unicorn heart highlighter, rainbow colours, shimmer, sheen.
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Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Unicorns Heart

This highlighter is MADE BY UNICORNS!!!! Or so the packaging says! And who are we to disagree with MakeUp Revolution?! Right?!

Firstly we cannot fail to mention the super cute packaging. The highlighter comes in a cute heart shaped box, which always adds value in my book as this will look beautiful on a dressing table! A really lovely design that stands out from the other boxes you usually see.

The highlighter comes with a palette of 5 unicorn hues, lavender, light blue, green, golden and peach. It's highly pigmented giving a super shimmery sheen, and can be built up and layered depending on the look you want to achieve. Used all together to give a rainbow effect highlighter or you could use the colours individually as an eye shadow for example when using a thin make up brush. If all the colours are mixed together using a big brush overall the colour leans towards the lavender end of the spectrum creating a cool frosty effect.

The colours are a really intense sheen so a little does go a long way and will last for the whole day. We love this product and the value for money is insane! A must have for any make up bag!



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