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A site for unicorn lovers, made by unicorn lovers
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Cute Pink and colourful unicorn themed mat for outdoors and indoors. Teenage girls bedroom!
All Things Unicorn

Pink Colourful Unicorn Doormat 45 x 70cm

OK, take a deep breath and imagine coming home to this outside the front door! It would certainly crack a smile and remind us that we're home wouldn't it? We think so.  Why have a boring beige doormat when you could have a super fun doormat that sings and dances the unicorn theme for everyone to see. Can you imagine what your guests will think as they come to your front door? And you can be certain that the postman won't forget to bring your post!

For those who like to keep the loudness and "out-there-ness" for indoors then there's a whole host of other places that this doormat could be used. How would it look by your backdoor? indoors or even in a bedroom - the power is in your hands. 

So what are the chances of it fitting into your doorway entrance or porch?Well unless you have a very unusual door or porch then you shouldn't have any problems whatsoever. The size measures approximately 45 x 70cm which is a standard size of doormat designed to fit nicely outside or inside most homes!

How often do you ever really consider your postman and his well-being? Well, now is a great time to start as this beautiful door mat has anti-slip protection and therefore should stay firmly in place when stepped on.

Can be used in a multitude of rooms!

What a fantastic way to greet your guests, and return home after a long day. 

Will it fade in the sun? Not anytime fast it wont! This doormat is fade-resistant too.


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