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Pink Unicorn Girls Large Beach Towel Stylish Design
All Things Unicorn

Pink Unicorn Girls Large Beach Towel Stylish Design

The trendy unicorn beach towel for a girl, perfect for your summer holidays! Measuring 30 inches x 60 inches it's plenty big enough to keep the sand away and to throw over your sunbed too. It has a unique design which features a pink unicorn in a circular surround of yellow and blue, which could be interpreted as a rainbow. The horn striking up through the rainbow as the unicorn stands on it's hind legs. 

Can you just imagine how great this is going to look on your sunbed? What a marvellous treat for your very special holiday and ensuring that it goes off with a bang. Super soft and comfortable and quick drying which ensures that you won't have too many of those sticky moments. Here at all things unicorn, we love it! Make a statement, soak up the sun and enjoy your vacation!

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