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Unicorn and Rainbow Themed Baby Changing Mat
All Things Unicorn

Unicorn and Rainbow Themed Baby Changing Mat

The trending unicorn has found a trending new friend in the rainbow! Don't they just look great together? This baby mat is big enough to see you're baby right through! Look after your changing mat and your changing mat will look after you!

Cute design changing mat with the unicorns new trending friend - the rainbow! Here at all things unicorn we are becoming accustomed to seeing both together and we rather quite like it. This changing mat is perfect for a "main mat" to have at home in baby's room or in the living room (or wherever else you change baby's nappy!)... It's not fold-able so don't think about trying to get this one in your baby changing bag, but on the plus side it should see baby right through until it's no longer needed. Lovely design and nice big mat.

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