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A site for unicorn lovers, made by unicorn lovers
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re-usable nappy sack bag unicorn theme
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Planetwise Unicorn Re-usable Waterproof Nappy Sack Bag

How sustainable are you? The planet wise re-usable waterproof wet nappy sack can be used to store wet nappies when out and about and then put through a quick wash cycle when you're done

This waterproof nappy bag is a great way to be sustainable when it comes to using nappy sacks. You can re-use this nappy bag over and over again knowing that you are saving pon cost and looking after the environment too.

This bag has a wide array of uses and could be used to store other items that are commonly found in the changing bag. 

The unicorn print to this bag is quite subtle and you have to really look closely to see the unicorns that are creating a beautiful design. 

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