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Rainbow Scratch Art | Assorted Designs | Unicorn Stencil | Unicorn Gift
Rainbow Scratch Art Book | Unicorn Stencil | Unicorn Gift For A 5 Year Old
Unicorn Scratch Art Book
Rainbow Scratch Notebook For Kids | Unicorn Stencils
Unicorn Scratch Art Book | Notebook | Unicorn Gift
Rainbow Scratch Stencil Art | Assorted Designs | Unicorn
Rainbow Unicorn Scratch Art Book
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Rainbow Scratch Art | Assorted Designs | Unicorn Stencil | Unicorn Gift

Rainbow Scratch Art | Assorted Designs | Unicorn Stencil | Unicorn Gift 

Brand: Dmazin

Color: Black


  • 🌈【The difference with the traditional painting book】: This product is composed of 20 sheets of black cardboard, bound in a coil book, and comes with a wooden painting pen. Simply use the included wooden pen to easily scrape off the black jammed paper, revealing the beautiful rainbow colors! Parents don’t have to worry about children getting their faces, hands, clothes and furniture dirty during the painting process. While keeping it clean and tidy, it can meet the children's drawing needs!
  • 🌈【Safe for children】: The product is non-toxic, has no strange smell, and has no health-hazardous materials, so children can safely carry out colorful painting designs. This is a super safe handicraft for children.
  • 🌈【Easy to use and save】: Children can easily scrape off the black cardboard with the included wooden pen, which can be used to take notes, doodling, and create beautiful illustrations and designs. Moreover, it is very easy to organize and save children's works, because this product is presented in front of children in the form of a notebook, so you don't have to worry about losing your children's art works.
  • 🌈【Educational development】: This is an interesting and innovative toy for children, and it is also a good way to train children's hands-on ability and intellectual development. They can scrape out any patterns they want on the scratch paper to stimulate children's interest in painting and enrich their lives. Parents can also create with their children, give drawing guidance, and increase parent-child feelings.
  • 🌈【The best xmas gift for children】: As a birthday gift or Christmas gifts for children aged 3-10, you can make your children happy without spending too much money. It is also suitable for adults to buy by themselves to enjoy decompression. Can be used for classrooms, holidays, birthdays, parties, things cards.

Part Number: part_81

Details: Super Safety: Non Toxic - No odd flavor, no toxic powder, so kids can create colorful, no-fail designs safely. Easy To Use: Simply use the wooden styluses included to easily scratch away the black film to reveal the beautiful rainbow colors! Kids can use to jot down notes, etch doodles, and create cool illustrations and designs. Product Description: Scratch notes rainbow sets are the perfect, cute and unique gift ideas for kids, women, and teens. Each set comes with 60 rainbow patterned notes and 2 double-sided stylus scratchers perfect for arts, crafts, and games for children and adults. The beautiful rainbow colors are hidden beneath the black matte coating of each card. The 2 double-sided stylus scratchers allow you to jolt quick messages, important notes, and key reminders as well as your grocery and shopping list. You can use these scratchy notes at the office as well. Kids can use the scratch notes rainbow sets for arts and crafts as well to create gorgeous, beautiful drawings. Embedded in a unique design, the scratch notes are made of high-quality material that does not wear out with frequent use. This is attributed to the thickness of each paper. Scratch notes rainbow sets are amazing gifts for anyone! Grab this black scratchy arts notes as gifts for loved ones, workmates or yourself. Gift Package: 2 X Rainbow Scratch Paper Notes 2 X Double-Sided Stylus Scratchers 3 X Pattern Template

EAN: 0753594431667

Package Dimensions: 10.6 x 8.4 x 0.8 inches

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