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ravensburger puzzle magical unicorn
puzzle magical unicorn
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Ravensburger Magical Unicorn XXL Jigsaw Puzzle (300 Pieces)
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Ravensburger Magical Unicorn XXL Jigsaw Puzzle (300 Pieces)

The Ravensburger Magical Unicorn Jigsaw large jigsaw puzzle is the perfect choice for older children and adults who prefer their puzzles to come with larger pieces. Don't be fooled though as this puzzle is not going to be over and done with in a matter of minutes (unless you're really really good). With 300 pieces it is great for the intermediate and is guaranteed to keep you busy for hours. This puzzle is put together to create a beautiful unicorn surrounded by fairies under the moonlight. Once it's been done you will never want to take it apart and if you enjoy framing your finished puzzles then this one is going to look amazing when it comes to doing so. When finished this puzzle measures at 50cm x 37cm and has a high quality finish too.


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