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A site for unicorn lovers, made by unicorn lovers
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Iron on beads unicorn kit
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Fantasy Unicorn Iron-On Beads Set

The unicorn craft bead set for children that allows then to create, make and decorate their very own beautiful unicorns. The colourful beads can be applied to the pegboard to create a variety of different unicorns that children can be proud to have made! Some of the beads will glow in the dark, which adds to the excitement and makes it perfect to place in a little girls bedroom once it's finished. This is totally PVC free and can be ironed onto ironing paper included. This is a lovely gift idea for any young girl aged between 6-13, and provides an opportunity and an experience for young girls to enjoy exploring their inner creativity. It's also a great way to develop little ones hand-eye coordination and motor-skills. 


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