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A site for unicorn lovers, made by unicorn lovers
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Unicorn silicone baby feeding bib
Baby Led weaning bib
Great for cleaning unicorn bib
Baby Led Weaning Bib Unicorn
Baby Led Weaning Bib Unicorn
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Cute Unicorn Silicone Bib

Oh yes - this is our favourite! The baby led weaning bib. A wipe-able, easy to clean & cute unicorn themed bib which also catches the food as our little ones drop it! Less mess, less stress, happy mummy, happy baby!

This bib very nearly has it all. To start with it's silicone touch means that it is easily wipe-able and so can be cleaned in just a matter of seconds. The fold at the bottom of the bib will catch all (or let's say some) of the food that won't make it into our little ones tiny mouth!  To top it all off the unicorn design is absolutely adorable. 

Great to wear as part of the popular 2 bib technique! Wear this over the top of a wipe-able coverall bib, thus keeping arms clean as well, and making this the clean free, stress free option for both you and baby! This wipe-able, clean-able, food catching unicorn themed baby bib has to be the best bib on the market for baby led weaning and worth every penny in our unicorn money box.

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