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Cute Silicone unicorn teether for babies
Cute unicorn silicone teether
All Things Unicorn

Silicone Unicorn Teether

One for the lads! Whilst most unicorn teethers can look a bit girly, this one is for the boys as well as the girls! (Although it does come in pink as well!) Silicone, strong and can even go in the dishwasher! This is one of the cutest teethers around! Perfect for those babies cutting teeth!

The handle is a pretty cool feature, as it is perfectly designed for baby to pick up and hold. This is definitely one for the baby boys (or girls) as there aren't so many blue ones around. However we should mention that it is also available in pink (OBVIOUSLY).  Silicone, strong and can even go in the dishwasher! Or simply be washed by hand if you're of the more active type!

Fits perfectly into the palm of the babies hand. Very cute design and we love the colourful horn on the top- how can you resist?

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