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A site for unicorn lovers, made by unicorn lovers
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Cute unicorn mug and spoon set. Amazing gift idea!
All Things Unicorn

Be A Unicorn Mug with Metallic Star Stirrer in Gift Box, White

We are so excited to introduce you to the coolest and cutest of all mugs - perfect for a hot chocolate, cup of tea, or coffee! This is the "Be A Unicorn Mug, which comes with it's very own magical spoon and is presented in a gorgeous box which is great for gift wrapping. Here at all things, we think that this makes for a perfect present for someone who loves unicorns! They are going to be so delighted to receive this and it's going to be their mug of choice. In fact they might actually be inclined to throw all the others out when they set their eyes on this. 

The mug has a beautiful design that includes rainbow colours and a large looping handle. The golden glittery stars match the spoon handle too and it just creates one beautiful piece of art. Some might feel that it's too pretty to use and in that case may decide to display it somewhere on show instead. Either way this one is a total winner and we love it. Therefore it thoroughly deserves all 5 of it's unicorns stars rating.

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