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Unicorn Gin Shot Glass
Unicorn shot glass
Unicorn shot glass gift set
Unicorn shot glass
Unicorn shot glass
Unicorn shot glass
Unicorn shot glass
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Unicorn 5cl Shot Glasses - 4 Piece Shot Glass Set with Gift Box

Unicorn Shot Glasses! 


  • Super Best Friend Gift: exceptionally, cool, shot glass - Unicorn
  • Capacity: 6cl, Material: Glass Dishwasher safe, Height: 6 cm, diameter: 2 cm
  • High quality, elegant, short party shot glass set
  • Shot Glass is perfect for all kinds of shots and drinks
  • Extravagant shot glasses for whisky Gin, cordials, herbs and tequila, vodka, Obstler, Gin, absinthe, Grappa, grain, ouzo, sambuca, etc.

Publisher: FruehImport GmbH

4 times fun, unusual and original Unicorn - Easy to Love.
'The shot glass with the slogan "Bye Bye reality are an eye-catcher at every party with your age or date. Delight the shot glasses in the Einorn design are extraordinary and will fulfill your guests alike.
With the magical shot glasses sets your drinks in scene. Whether you're Vodka, Whiskey, tequila, Obstler, liqueur or herbs, the Unicorn, glasses stands each drink. Also with its high-quality glass the glasses can also be frozen in the freezer.
100% Unicorn Love In Top Quality
The Shot Glasses are made in Germany with 100% Unicorn Love logo in gold in the lid of the box. No matter whether you're making Cabbage ride for young swallowing or for private 18th 21st 30th 40th 50th 60th 70th 80th 90th Birthday theme party: the shot glass is the perfect companion, for serving high Ozentiges. So that sets the scene for your short Magic. The set consisting of four Machine washable glasses. Also available in the Unicorn Love range are the matching Unicorn wine glasses and champagne flutes. In this way, each guest of the sense of reality escape from the mundane.
Product Features
Set of 4 unicorn glasses
Capacity up to 50 ml/5 cl
Premium shot glass with humorous slogan Bye Bye reality "
Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
Perfect as a gift
Top Customer Service: I guarantee you 100% Unicorn Love and wants to 100% user satisfaction. Provided you with my product will not be satisfied, I take it back with no questions and refund every penny.

EAN: 4007698026042

Package Dimensions: 8.6 x 8.3 x 4.9 inches

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