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Unicorn Swaddle Blanket Blue (Newborn Baby Boy)

Believe or not subtle can exist when it comes to unicorn themed baby blankets. Not often but it does, and this baby blue boys unicorn blanket has a touch of elegance whilst still sporting unicorn.

Hey, who said that unicorn has to be printed on pink? Probably no-one but it does seem to be the case most of the time! This is an exception to the rule. The swaddle blanket for boys which sports the unicorn theme in a 'less so loud' manner. Baby swaddles are often recommended by midwives and who are we to argue with them? A safer and purpose designed swaddle has got to be a safer option to the traditionally wrapped loose blanket. This one looks is very cute and looks super comfortable too. Can you feel yourself dropping off when you look at the picture? If so then maybe it's time for bed. We don't think they have these in adult sizes unfortunately. Excellent baby shower unicorn gift idea.

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