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Trendy Unicorn Beach Towel UK
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Unicorn Print On Pink Background Round - Beach Towel - 150cm

This circular unicorn beach towel is one of the coolest beach towels available to buy your summer holidays this year! Nowadays Round beach towels are all the rage popular as they offer additional room for stretching out your arms and getting comfortable. Absolutely perfect for your lovely holiday and can be used for laying round the pool, on the beach, swimming and surfing too.

This towel has a diameter of 150cm and is made from polyester, which offers faster drying times that your traditional cotton beach towels. There's nothing worse than lying on a wet towel and getting all itchy, and this is the perfect solution. It also takes up less room in the suitcase, leaving you more room for your essential clothing and accessories. Lovely and silky soft, you can get your holiday off to a bang with this cute accessory. Made in the UK too. 

We love the stylish cute design and think this is one trendy beach towel! 5 unicorn star rating from us. 

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