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Unicorn clouds rainbows baby changing bag
baby changing bag unicorn stars clouds rainbow
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Unicorn Clouds Cute Baby Changing Backpack Bag

Clouds, Rainbows and UNICORNS all on one nifty backpack! Now that's definitely worth shouting about. Oh and it has 14 pockets!! Zip it up, strap it on & then ride that unicorn.
The designer of this bag deserves 5 unicorn stars for bringing clouds and rainbows into the mix. This baby changing bag isn't just about looking great - it also boasts a number of features to make things that little bit easier! We were impressed with the multiple carrying and storage options. It's fair to say that this bag is probably big enough for twins as there is ample space and pockets for all of your baby changing essentials. We counted them up and there are in fact 14 pockets in total. There are inside pockets, outside pockets, zip pockets, elastic pockets, mesh pockets, bottle pockets and pretty much a pocket for anything that you can think of - which we have to say is quite genius. Perfect newborn baby shower gift idea too.