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Unicorn Tears Gin - Blackberry Flavour (Miniature)
Unicorn Tears Gin - Blackberry Flavour (Miniature) Gift
Unicorn Tears Gin - Blackberry Flavour (Miniature) Gift
Unicorn Tears Gin - Blackberry Flavour (Miniature)
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Unicorn Tears Blackberry Gin Miniatures with Spicy Juniper Berries (5cl)

Unicorn Gin Miniatures!


  • 🦄 FireBox BLACKBERRY GIN WITH SPICY JUNIPER BERRIES - You might've heard: the guys at the unicorn farm messed up. Our herd of unicorns got fed a diet of fallen stars, causing their tears to be black, shimmery and delicious.
  • 🦄 SPICE UP YOUR GIN SELECTION - Served in a beautiful mini gin bottle, our magic tears infuse each drink with a glittery appearance and delicious taste of sweet blackberries, spicy juniper berries and a hint of coriander and liquorice. This gin liqueur is a proven popular with gin lovers.
  • 🦄 AN EXTRAORDINARY BASE FOR GIN AND TONIC OR COCKTAILS - Infuse your cocktails with the mystical power of glittery horned ponies and sparkly fragments of the galaxy. Partner with your quality gin mixers of choice, go forth and consume the mythical spirit.
  • 🦄 GIN GIFTS FOR WOMEN - Is trying out new blackberry gins or flavoured gins her favorite activity? This could just be the gin gift you were looking for. It also works well as part of a cocktail gift set, gin gift set, or gin hamper.
  • 🦄 FIREBOX: SHOP THE UNUSUAL - Firebox is known for creating and curating a range of unconventional products and gifts 'with a twist'.

Publisher: Firebox

Release Date: 07-03-2019

Details: They keep crying, we keep bottling it. But why did this particular batch of Unicorn Tears turn out black?


No, they're not miserable, it's all of the blackberries we've been feeding them! Turns out our mythical steeds can't get enough of them. We don't mind, all of those tart, juicy blackberries make their tears even more delicious.


Don't worry, they're still as majestically shimmery - if not more so! Swirl the bottle to unleash a fruity, glittery galaxy before your very eyes. Pure magic.


Get yourself a bottle before they start weeping the 'usual' stuff again.


EAN: 5060564621337

Package Dimensions: 9.3 x 6.6 x 4.7 inches

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