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Unicorns are real white bib
All Things Unicorn

Unicorns Are Real Bib

This cotton bib says it all - UNICORNS ARE REAL - Yes indeed they are! Or we like to think so anyway. For those of us who are daring enough to use a white bib this one is a great choice!

Are you daring enough to use a white bib? If so then why not have one that simply says it all "Unicorn are real" - or at least we would like to think so. This bib could be perfect for a newborn who is drinking milk and is unlikely to make too much of a mess otherwise it could be tricky trying to get the stains out of this one. It could make for a unique gift if you're daring enough. Nonetheless it's unicorn, it's simple and we love it here at All Things Unicorn.

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