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Unicorn teether teething toy mitten glove
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Cute Unicorn Teething Mit

Undisputedly the coolest teething toy in town! Put it on baby's hand and let them naw away. Multiple teethers in one combined to create a unicorn theme. Every baby wants one of these!

If your baby is forever biting their hand and fingers and putting any and everything else in their mouth then it might be time to think about treating them to a teething toy. This is our favourite teether of them all! Strap it on to your baby's hand and watch them explore their way around all of the different bits and pieces to chew on!

There's no need to worry about this mitten going missing - this teether won't go too far out of reach with it's specially designed Velcro closure. This one even stimulates and entertains baby with a sensory stimulating patch built into the front as well as several bright colour contrasts. 100% cotton and can be put straight into the washing machine. Love it. This one is trunicorn fantastic!


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